Stepping Into Adulthood

Becoming an adult with baby steps

The beach at Sunset!

If you're one of my lovely readers who comes back to check out my blog regularly, you'll know that last week I attempted a beach walk that ended up becoming a clifftop walk as we hadn't checked the tide times. Well... Continue Reading →


6 months on.

Today is half a year since you passed. Half a year. I can't quite comprehend that one. That means that I haven't spoken to you for 6 months, haven't had conversations only we could understand, haven't had a cuppa with... Continue Reading →

My Week in Music: Week 2

Okay so here's this week's My Week in Music, I was hoping to post this on Friday but my last week was insanely busy with fixing cars, seeing family and friends as well as my work schedule and the usual... Continue Reading →

The cost of health.

Okay, I think I've mentioned on here a couple of times that I'd like to lose weight and get myself to a fitter and healthier state. That's all well and good until you realise the cost that incurs.  Shall we... Continue Reading →

Blue Monday Motivation

"If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are." - Master Shifu. Who would've thought that a Kung Fu Panda quote could be the inspiration to a motivational post? However it's true, and... Continue Reading →

Windswept Wander

Some days it's easy to forget that the area I live in is truly beautiful having the day off from work, The Mr and The Mr's soon to be brother-in-law and I took our dogs Balto and Jack Jack on... Continue Reading →

My week in Music: Week 1

My Week in Music roundup.

30 before I’m 30

So I've see a couple of these 30 before I'm 30 posts and I thought having just under 8 years until that comes around I could set myself a list of 30 things I could try to accomplish before I... Continue Reading →

Creativity killed the cat!

Now let's be honest we all love getting creative from writing to drawing to crafting. I was brought up in a very creative household, singing, crafting and building were happening almost ecru spare moment of the day, so the idea... Continue Reading →

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