Okay so here’s this week’s My Week in Music, I was hoping to post this on Friday but my last week was insanely busy with fixing cars, seeing family and friends as well as my work schedule and the usual housework I slipped!

I’ve not had tonnes of time to listen to loads of music this week so here’s a few of the tunes I’ve been listening to this week:

  1. Shape of You Ed Sheeran. As with last week my top song is Ed Sheeran, the second of his two new releases. I didn’t give this song as much credit as Castle on the Hill when they were released as I’ve always been a bigger fan of acoustic music but having given it more listens this week it’s clear I’m a sucker for all his music!
  2. See You Again Carrie Underwood. This song is so meaningful to me, I first listened to it not long after my close friend passed away in July and this week will be 6 months since she passed. This song has such a positive message about grief and has really helped me through this.
  3. Remedy Little Boots. I found this song scrolling round the depths of Spotify and remembered how much I loved it when it came out almost 10 years ago (genuinely can’t belive it’s been that long!) It’s got such a fun tempo and beat that just makes me want to bob along to the beat!
  4. Heaven Knows The Pretty Reckless. the first time I really listened to The Pretty Reckless was when they were supporting Evanescence on tour and since then have been hooked. I’ve been listening to this song for the beat and the really catchy chorus!
  5. Blacksmith’s Prayer Seth Lakeman. This is the first of many folk songs I’ll be mentioning on here as the weeks go on, The Mr does Blacksmithing and the beat really reminds me of when I’ve been outside his smithy with him beating the metal. The emotion in this song is amazing too, making a point that Blacksmithing is a dying profession.

So there are my 5 songs this week, what have you been listening to this week? Are there any songs you’ve not heard about on here? What songs should I check out for next week?