Some days it’s easy to forget that the area I live in is truly beautiful having the day off from work, The Mr and The Mr’s soon to be brother-in-law and I took our dogs Balto and Jack Jack on a walk which reaffirmed with me how beautiful some views from my hometown are. The original plan was a walk along the beach, take a tennis ball and these two are Happy as Larry in the winter sunshine.

We had underestimated the wind that would be blowing, yes it’s been windy all day but obviously the closer to the coast you get the worse the wind. Walking down the canal we definitely felt the wind chill increasing and r aching the lock gates the reality that we’d timed it badly and hit the bridge to the beach as it was covered in the stormy waves thrashing the shoreline. Occasionally as the bridge is covered you can wade through in your wellies but poor old Baltimore would never have survived the waves and so left we turned up the cliffs instead.

The pepper pot is a storm tower that was originally built as a refuge for the coastguard on the rougher nights as they wandered the coast path in lookout of ships in peril. It was also a regular haunt of mine as a teenager, the views out to sea, the reasonably good free shelter from the beautiful Cornish weather and the wide expanse of open space and a lack of population in the direct vicinity gave us the freedom to listen to music and insult each other without the judging eye of adults. No matter how much time I had spent up there as a teen, I hadn’t visited the clifftop building in years and we timed it just right as the setting sun burst through the clouds and gave us a beautiful view across the crashing waves between the downpours of rain that had soaked through my jeans just earlier the same day. I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots on my phone and wishing I’d brought my DSLR with me.

Do you live somewhere with beautiful scenery? Have you visited somewhere you used to hang out when you wee a teenager? Where is your favourite place for a windswept walk?