Music has always been a massive part of my life and what I’m listening  to is constantly changing as I discover new songs and old songs make a reappearance in my favourites. So I thought I’d share my favourite songs each for you to have a listen to yourself if you hadn’t already!

  1. Castle on the Hill Ed Sheeran.  I’ve always been a massive fan of all the music Ed Sheeran releases and of course both his latest releases are amazing but Castle on the Hill is the more acoustic release of the two and really resonates with me. It also brings back memories for me from when I was younger living in a small town.
  2. On What You’re On Busted. This week I booked tickets to achieve one of my childhood dreams… see Busted live. As I’ve got tickets I’ve been listening to their new music and getting in the groove and this song is so upbeat and fun I’m so excited for next month now!
  3. Love On Me Galantis & Hook N Sling. This is such a feel good tune, the upbeat dance feel gets me boogieing in my chair in the office and is great for keeping pace in the gym!
  4. When you Love Someone James TW. This song is so full of emotion and really puts across the feelings of a family going through a split. Personally I’ve never experienced this but you can hear all of the emotions of a parent trying to explain it to their son in his voice throughout the song.
  5. Still Into You Paramore. Paramore have been one of my favourite bands for almost 10 years now and I’m usually listening to them a couple of times a week. The upbeat feel and the fact that it feels so personal to any long term relationship.

So these are my 5 most listened to tracks of the week. Have you listened to any of these songs this week? What songs have you been listening to? Any music you’d suggest I listen to for next week?