If you’re one of my lovely readers who comes back to check out my blog regularly, you’ll know that last week I attempted a beach walk that ended up becoming a clifftop walk as we hadn’t checked the tide times.

Well this week I checked the tide times and left about half an hour after high tide to give us a decent amount of time on the beach. Walking on the beach on a Sunday can become a bit of a nightmare as everybody and their son’s are usually out walking their dogs but it wasn’t too packed and The Mr, The Mr’s Sister, B, and B’s fiancé, A, and I were all able to enjoy a long walk along the beach with our two excitable fur babies bouncing along and splashing in all the tidal pools.

We arrived at the beach about 3 o’clock and immediately thought the dogs had lost the ball we had brought with us, after about 15 minutes of searching at the start of the sand Jack managed to procure it from somewhere (no one knows where he found it) and we were off! Being a Springer x Labrador Jack is full of beans sprinting at high speeds across the sands and through the beach streams, stopping in a cloud of dust and splashes to get the ball before heading back with poor old Balto jogging along behind desperate to catch up. Then the ball flew into a waist deep tidal pool and Jack was in heaven splashing in as fast as he could to retrieve the ball.

As we made our way across the breakwater the sun was setting creating amazing reflections on the water below. I couldn’t resist a couple of snaps of the Sea Lock, one of the few working Sea Locks in Britain and quite a sight to behold. We stood on the end of the Breakwater by Tommy’s Pit as the sun made it’s final descent over the horizon before walking back up over the cliffs and home for a warm cup of coffee.

What beach adventures do you enjoy going on? What’s your favourite place to go for a walk? Do your fur babies love a splash in the sea or are they more of a dry land doggo?