Okay, I think I’ve mentioned on here a couple of times that I’d like to lose weight and get myself to a fitter and healthier state. That’s all well and good until you realise the cost that incurs. 

Shall we start with eating healthier? The cost of ingredients for a food plus the time and effort that goes into making a healthy meal is insane compared to picking up a microwave dish and I know speed appeals to me in the evening after a shift at work rather than an hours worth of cooking. The worst part is all those microwave meals that say low sugar or low calorie on them which are essentially lies… did you know companies break the sugars down into their smaller groups like dextrose and sucrose so that it doesn’t appear as the main in ingredient in the recipe? And the low calorie ones? Well compare to the same meal in full fat form and you will probably find the only difference is the size!

Thankfully The Mr is the chef in our house and is happy to create culinary delights for me, but this still doesn’t really lower costs. I’ve had people say bulk prepare to quick cook in the week but we’ve got the smallest freezer space ever so that’s not an option.

After the cost of eating healthy there’s the cost of fitness itself. I love going to the gym, the few times I’ve been for a jog around country lanes people have judged the chubby asthmatic but at the gym people have always accepted it, they appreciate what I’m doings hard at the start.  The cost of attending however can be ridiculous, break the bank kind of money, especially here in Cornwall.

However even to enjoy a jog around the local area I need to fork out for expensive trainers that will support my feet, comfy running clothes and supportive tips – because as most women will tell you, running with books is no walk in the park. 

Another way I’d love to get fit is swimming, a few people in my family do this and I think I’d enjoy that the most but as with everything else is costly with lanes swims fitting awkwardly with my work schedule! 

I could almost bring myself to pay the price for a gym membership or pool membership and I appreciate the cost of running these places but on top of all that, I live in the middle of nowhere. So my costs are driven higher by the cost of driving to these places to begin with! 

You’d think with obesity on the rise in this country and the fattest generation so far being brought up there would be a way to encourage exercise in everybody. In fact I’m certain that there’s a form of exercise out there for somebody, as I’m sure there is for me. I just have to find one that won’t break the bank! 

What do you think about the cost of health? Do you pay for a gym membership? What money saving health hacks do you know?