Today is half a year since you passed. Half a year. I can’t quite comprehend that one. That means that I haven’t spoken to you for 6 months, haven’t had conversations only we could understand, haven’t had a cuppa with you and The Biggest Dog and haven’t had one of your cakes. So much has happened since the 24th of July and you have no idea how much I wish you were here witnessing it all with me.

Moo and M have set a date, it’s finally happening. I lost count of how many times we joked about their engagement length, and how we’d be old before they got married. I wish that was the case. We’ll remember you there, you’ll have a space I’m sure, you’re pretty difficult to forget after all. 

B and A got engaged too, must be that time of year, and still we’ll talk about you and the happiness you brought and how we’d wish you’d be bringing it to their country chic wedding too. 

The Mr and I bought a new car. You have no idea how many bodies you could fit in its boot! Me and Moo had a long discussion about how many we thought it would fit and how many you would’ve guessed, I went with more if we took their limbs off. 

I finally had my 21st party. I wish I’d had it for The Mr’s 22nd then you could’ve been there, you would’ve loved it. We were all dressed up, we had fireworks and bonfires and even cooked the food over the open fire. To top it off dad made me the Iron Throne… you would’ve asked if everyone died like whenever I talked to you about Game of Thrones. 

New Year’s Eve was tough. One of the toughest nights of my life, my emotions were all over the place. I wanted to drink and play games and distract myself from the fact that you weren’t there celebrating with us, you never will be again. At midnight Moo and I hugged and we cried that you weren’t there.

And so today is 6 months with you gone and I feel stronger at having overcome losing you. But you’re always in my heart, always in my mind and every decision and every choice I make is based on you and the strength and resilience you took on life with. 

You were and always will be my best friend. I hope you’re giving them he’ll wherever you are. 

I love you Luci, you are better than unicorns and sparkles combined.