So I’ve see a couple of these 30 before I’m 30 posts and I thought having just under 8 years until that comes around I could set myself a list of 30 things I could try to accomplish before I get there. so here goes…


30 before I'm 30


  1. Own a car that’s newer than 8 years old – so at 22 I’ve already owned 4 cars but each of them had been over 10 years old when I bought them and as much as I’ve loved each and every one, they can become a little unreliable and need more tlc.
  2. Organise a three course meal dinner party – Now most of my mates are nerds who are happy with pizza and a couple of pints but I have always wanted to organise a three course meal dinner party. We don’t have too much space here though so this might have to go on hold for a little while.
  3. Go on holiday abroad – I think I’ve mentioned this in previous posts but I have never been abroad on holiday and there’s so many places I’d love to visit including Australia, America, India, Japan but I’d most like to start a bit smaller with a trip to Rome.
  4. Learn a different language – I have a very minor understanding of French from my early secondary school days but I would love to be able to have a full conversation with someone from a different culture.
  5. Start selling my embroidery – I really enjoy creating my embroidery and have started experimenting creating more interesting peices like cushions instead of just embroidery hoops but there’s only so many things you can have in your house before it becomes overrun with bits and bobs. Having a small house that’s starting to occur and it’s making me not enjoy my embroidery as much so I’d love to sell some pieces to clear out space for more creativity.
  6. Go on a road trip – When I was younger the family holidays we went on would most easily be described as road trips, we’d travel from campsite to campsite each day seeing the sights and it was always fun. I’d love to go on another road trip, either in this country or through Europe or America… maybe even all three.
  7. Have a morning routine – At the moment my mornings consist of my alarms going off progressively later until I have 20 minutes to get dressed, brush my teeth and take the dog out before work. I really want to get myself organised and get up in the morning with enough time to have breakfast, watch the morning news and put a little bit of make up on.
  8. Visit more live music events – I grew up visiting at least 4 folk festivals a year as well as regularly visiting folk clubs, since I’ve moved out of my parents house I’ve not even been to many folk events and I miss them so I’d love for music to be a more regular activity in my life.
  9. Go to Glastonbury or download – this one is kind of an extention of the last one but I’ve never been to either of these festival giants and both look amazing it would be awesome if I made it to one or both of these.
  10. Get more self confident – this one I’m not sure how to go about, I feel I’m on the right track losing weight and surrounding myself with good positive people but at the end of the day it’s my mental attitude towards myself that needs to brighten up.
  11. Join a club – since moving out of my parents house I’ve not made any new friends in the locality, I live onsite at work with my only neighbours being my boss’s family.  I did pole for a while and liked the girls I met there but since leaving I’ve not really spoken to them.  I’d also love a club that improved my talents or fitness like a beginners running club or the WI.
  12. Get fitter – so I’m not currently all that fit and running in general starts to get me out of breath. I want to get fitter also for my health, having suffered from chronic fatigue and heart palpitations I want to be as well as possible to combat these.
  13. Write more – both my blog and creative stories, I was tempted to say wrote a novel but that seems look a massive step but who knows?
  14. Visit places inspired by my nerdiness- like the viaduct used in the Harry Potter movies, the Fjords for vikings and frozen and the hobbit village in New Zealand.
  15. Meet JKR – I wouldn’t even have a clue where to start this ambition, I guess I’ll have to make it to a book signing eventually, she changed my life so much with the Harry Potter books and I’d love to meet her and say thank you.
  16. Climb mount snowdon – I was tempted to go an little further with this one but actually, considering I’m no where near fit and constantly live under and worry of a return of Chronic Fatigue I will start small and see where life takes me.
  17. See the northern lights – I know that it is possible to view the northern lights in the UK but I’ve never caught them, I’ll be honest though, I really just want the excuse to stay in one of those glass topped houses where you can lie in bed and watch them above you.
  18. Visit the fjords – truly, everytime I see them on TV, in movies and even pictures I am awestruck by them so I’d love to visit them in real life.
  19. Complete a project 365 – a photo a day can’t be too difficult can it? It can when you’re as airheaded as me… I’m constantly forgetting where things are and what I’m supposed to be doing so I’d definitely forget. I’m definitely going to give this a good go though.
  20. Get booked at a folk festival – folk music has been are big part of my life, when I was a baby I’d fall asleep in asleep travel cot at sessions! I would love to sing at a festival to pass on the enjoyment this music brings to more people.
  21. Conquer my fear of heights – I’m desperate to try go ape, I’m not sure this will help me Conquer my fear of heights or increase it but I want to try and see where I get!
  22. Drive a tank – between the ages of about 6 and 13 I was desperate to join the army apsnd become a tank driver, but asthma and being a girl got in the way (they’re only now starting to allow women to drive tanks) but the idea of driving an tank still sounds great fun and somewhere not far from us there’s a tank driving experience.
  23. Watch a musical live in London – Now I know you do get some touring musicals but I’d love to see Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, Les Miserables or Wicked on the west end I think it would be magical.
  24. Learn more makeup skills – I’ve been progressing slowly improving my make up skills, regularly trying out new styles but I’m still miles behind most of you… I can barely put foundation on without doing wrong.
  25. Run a 5k – I’ve done the pretty muddy race for life but we definitely walked it and we’re slow as anything, living my entire life with asthma I’d love to conquer a 5k at least jogging, I would be so proud of myself.
  26. Complete a tougher mudder – this would be the ultimate accomplishment, it looks like an amazing challenge and one that by the time I’m hoping I may have accomplished.
  27. Learn to drive a motorcycle – When I was younger my parents had vintage motorcycles and I love riding on the back of them and I’ve always wanted to pass my motorcycle driving license and drive one myself.
  28. Buy a house – my last 3 targets before I’m 30 are a little closer to home… buying a house has always been al dream to me, so i hope to have completed that we’ll before I’m 30.
  29. Get married – The Mr and I have been together for almost 5 years but we feel money’s an important factor in getting married alndnd we’d both love to own a house before getting married but the old romantic in me would love to be married well before I’m 30.
  30. Have a baby – one of my biggest dreams in life has always been to become a mother and The Mr says he’s always wanted 5 (😥) so I don’t want to wait until I’m over 30 to have children!

What do you think of my 30 over 30? Are there any items you’d have on your list? What of my 30 would you skip?