A couple of months ago I found a wonderful company called Coconut Lane and instantly fell in love with their wonderful products, as I scrolled through their website almost every item caught my eye and I fell in love. If the items I saw weren’t catching my eye for me, I could think of friends that would love them.

My friends birthday was coming up so with that excuse put an order in front some presents plus some treats for me too. That friend was Luci, and unfortunately she passed away the day before her birthday and I couldn’t bring myself to write a post about the presents I’d bought for her that now sat wrapped in my house. 3 months have now gone by and  I feel I can face the presents and the memories to tell you about Coconut Lane and their awesome range of goodies.

  • Marble Bangle – I love the colours of this bracelet, the turquoise marble on the gold bracelet instantly caught my eye and in real life it’s even prettier than I thought it would be. I wore this to work on changeover day and I had loads of compliments from both my co-workers and the guests.
  • Elephant earrings – I have been known as the girl with the pug or owl items but I’ve always rather liked the boho elephant decorations and I fell in love with these earrings when I saw them. I was in need of a mix-up of earrings as I’d had the same boring studs in for so long and picked these up, they’re so cute although if your hair’s as unruly as mine it might get caught in them from time to time, they’re worth it though as they’re lovely and again, I’ve had loads of lovely comments on them.
  • Rose arrow ring – All of the rings that they have I thought were so cute but I have such big hands that none of the ones I would’ve worn were in the right size for my man hands and so I’d almost given up hope – that was until I saw this beautiful ring, it’s stretchable so that the lovely arrow design will fit you no matter how big your sausage fingers are. I love this ring I got it in rose gold and it’s made me fall in love with the colour as well… now I’m in search of more rose gold.
  • Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons wall art – This is the first on the list of presents I bought for Luci, there’s a running joke between us and Tamsyn about our pet Flamingo and so I was instantly drawn to it, cross that with the fact that she was always striving to be her own person and encouraging everyone she knew to be brave enough to be themselves and the quote was perfect. I’m planning on framing this for myself and hanging it in my living room. The print is super clear and you can choose two fonts, I love the handwritten style of this font!
  • Flamingo stickers – Another present for Luci and as you can tell I was following the flamingo theme from the wall art. I knew she’d decorate some of her fab recipe books with these funky flamingos. The colour’s a lovely pastel pink and I’m looking for the perfect place to add mine.
  • You Are Better Than Unicorns And Sparkles Combined card – This was the perfect birthday card for Luci, unicorns was definitely a Luci thing, anything I saw with unicorns on it I would’ve bought it and stashed it away for her Birthday or Christmas. The card is a cute pink with an adorable unicorn on the front of it and I’m looking forward to finding the perfect person to give it to.

If you like the look or sounds of any of these items do head on over to Coconut Lane and find yourself a lovely treat. If you do find yourself picking up a couple of beauties for yourself or someone as a present use code adulthood20 for 20% off your order.


disclosure – I got my items at a discounted rate and will get commission if you use my code on your order.

Have you ever shopped at Coconut Lane? If not are you going to head over and check them out? Let me know what you think?

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