My sister, my friend Luci and I had planned to visit The Eden Project together to see their Dinosaur exhibition over the Summer Holidays. Then Luci unexpectedly passed away and we weren’t sure where our plans stood. We decided that she’d never forgive us if we were to not go and enjoy the day with the dinosaurs and so off we went.

I’ve visited The Eden Project a handful of times over the years, the first in fact was before the biomes were complete and it was really just a ride on a tractor around the site. I also saw the Olympic Flame be carried by Ben Fogle through the gardens and into the biome (and got stuck behind the Olympic Torch Bus when it went head to head against a tractor on the back lanes) however I’d never seen the dinosaur exhibition even though it had been running for a couple of years over the summer holiday season.

The first thing Moo and I did when we arrived was head for lunch, we arrived at the café at about 11:45 and the Burrito Bar opened at 12 so we were some of the first in line. I’d never eaten at the burrito bar before but it really was delicious, I had the Chipotle Chicken which was delectable but I’m definitely going to try the Pulled Pork one next time I’m there.

After lunch we headed to the Rainforest biome, last time I went to The Eden Project with The Mr I forgot to put the SD card in my DSLR so didn’t manage to get any photos so this was my first visit with it all ready and waiting to grab a couple of photos. We even spotted a couple of things I’d never seen before like a little lizard and some Roul Roul Partridges.


We didn’t pop into the Mediterranean Biome on this visit as we’d both visited before and Moo’s fiancé and dog were stuck outside as dogs aren’t allowed in the biomes and the weather wasn’t very friendly at all.

Our last stop before catching the bus back to our car park was the Dinosaur hall, Moo had explored the Dinosaur Hall before and I couldn’t wait to see the animatronic Dino’s! I was a little disappointed that the full size Tyrannosaurus Rex that Moo told me from last year wasn’t there but there were plenty of others there to see including velociraptors (including the realistic feathers) and a really cool full size one (whose name I can’t remember) that would fish for its food and had an animatronic fish it would try and catch.

If you’re ever in Cornwall I would always advise a visit to the Eden Project as it’s such a unique experience it’s got great activities for wet and dry weather and they’ve always got themed activities throughout the year to keep you occupied, I’m definitely planning on heading over there over the winter months for a little bit of ice skating.

Have you ever been to the Eden Project? Have you ever seen anywhere similar to The Eden Project?

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