Okay so in the middle of July my bosses went on holiday with their two eldest sons, this means 3 things:

  1. Their 4 younger kids would be at home and need to be looked after by me.
  2. The whole business would be run by me meaning I’d be doing all guest interactions for a week.
  3. The company blogging was down to me. 

Because of all this I dropped off my part of the blogosphere. I has big plans to give myself to a week after they got back to get myself in control again and then pick up the reigns on my blog. 

Then my best friend died.

I still can’t comprehend that sentence.  This girl had been a massive part of my life for so long and now she’s gone, she’s just unreachable anymore. I cried for 5 hours straight after I heard the news, and I don’t cry. She was 25, she died the day before she would’ve been 26, I should’ve seen her the whole weekend, I didn’t see her, and now she’s gone. 

We did a little memorial for her on the beach all dressed in tutus and bright colours, she always hated black. We all bought flowers and dropped them into the sea. 

I spent the week in shock, every couple of minutes I’d think “oh I’ll message her she can sort this out.” And then it would hit me all over again. 

I couldn’t get my head around the fact that she was supposed to be coming to mine Saturday night and never showed, I got a phone call from her sister saying she had suddenly turned seriously ill and was in hospital then I get a phone call on Monday saying she’d passed away the night before. 

I couldn’t listen to music, that has always been my saviour, because so many songs reminded me of her. The worst part about that was for my 21st she bought me my ticket to leopallooza… that was this weekend. I went, she would’ve killed me if I didn’t, but every moment I felt horrible for having fun without her. 

Anyway, this is such a rambling post and full of sadness that I need to brighten it up… she’d never forgive me if I didn’t keep on going, she was always so supportive of everything, so this one’s for you Luci, I’ll live my life for both of us. 

I’ll get back on track.