I haven’t been to a festival in 4 years and I can’t wait to go to Leopallooza for the fourth time this year. When I still lived with my parents the festival was actually only 10 minutes away from my house and you could vaguely hear the music from the back garden. Well, the time has come again and I have until the 29th of July to get everything I need to have the perfect festival.

Dancing at Leopallooza
Dancing at Leopallooza



Obviously the most important think on my checklist for Leo is the essentials, these are all things that, when it really comes down to it, will make or break my weekend.

  • Tickets,
    • It seems obvious but I’m so ditzy I could easily forget to pack them if I don’t remind myself!
  • ID
    • To be able to purchase alcohol onsite and not have my “from home” alcohol confiscated I’m going to need to provide proof that I really am 21, despite looking between 16 and 18.
  • Cash & Card
    • To be able to purchase the delicious variety of the fabulous consumables that will be on sale throughout the site as well as band merch of all the fabulous bands I’ll be seeing there!


  • Festival Outfits
    • Of course the most important for all festival goer is the festival fashion. I’ve aready got 2 outfits planned but they’re both the optimistic ‘it’s definitely going to be boiling hot and sunny’ type of outfit and I really need to think ‘Okay, but what if it’s cold?’ Hopefully once I’ve sorted those out I’ll share a ‘Festival Fashion’ post.
  • Rio Costume
    • Leo this year is having Rio day on the Saturday and I’ve got BIG plans for the outfit. I will say the first 3 things that came to mind with the theme of Rio was Glitter, Feathers and Skin, I’m hoping to achieve 2 of these things. I’m also TOTALLY excited that my outfit is going to include a LIGHT UP TUTU.
  • Weather needs
    • Obviously, I’ve stated above that I need to organise my wardrobe to contain a little more ‘wet weather wear’ but I also need to account for actual rain and actual sun, so I need to pack my sun tan lotion and my raincoat. I also need to buy some wellies, don’t get me wrong living in Cornwall I own a fantastic pair of wellies, but I’m not losing my £80 work wellies to the trials and tribulations of a drunk me at a festival.


  • Tent
    • In honour of Leo I’ve been out an bought a new tent, me and The Mr love going camping on a regular basis but we’ve always used my dads old frame tent, awesome but he’s banned me from ever taking it to a festival, understandable since it’s older than I am. So I got a 6 man tent for £20 on preloved… Happy. With. That.
  • Bed-sleeping bag, airbed, etc.
    • I have just invested in a double air bed and blow up pillow both of which were on offer in our local tescos and I couldn’t pass them up. As for a sleeping bag, I have owned the same one for as long as I can remember and it’s so warm and fluffy hopefully it’ll help me forget that The Mr isn’t with me.
  • Torch
    • I’ll be honest with you right now, I’m a wuss and I find the dark so creepy. So for me a torch, on top of the one built into my phone, is a must-have for camping… also useful for when you’re phone’s run out of battery and you’re desperate for the loo at 2 in the morning.
  • Phone Charger
    • I’m seriously searching through amazon at the moment for good phone cases with built in batteries that don’t cost the earth… My mum’s got a seond hand Mophie and swears by it but they’re so expensive for the S6.
  • Book
    • Knowing my sister and friend there might be a lot of sitting around waiting for them to get themselves organised in the morning so I’ll be taking my book to read whilst I enjoy a coffee – or something a bit naughtier.
    • It’s super important to tidy up after yourself at a festival, I know that the camping field for the rest of the year is used for livetock at Leo so I’m going to make sure that my little group at least is tidy and organised when it comes to pegs and rubbish.


  • Make up
    • I’ve stated before I’m not a girly girl and I’m only planning on taking my mascara and eyeliner and probably my lippy too from my usual make up kit. However there are a few unusual additions I want to try like Glitter and Neon Paint. So if you have any suggestions on brands I’d be super grateful.
  • Dry Shampoo
    • Obviously a weekend of not showering is not good for anyone and my poor hair by Sunday is going to be so grimy I’ll want to cry, so as always, Dry Shampoo will be coming to the rescue.
  • Baby Wipes / Muc Off
    • Baby Wipes have been on the ‘simple leo list’ in the back of my mind for an indefinite amount of time however I found Muc Off online and it’s a foaming agent that you rub into your skin and it’s like a waterless soap that I might have to give a go.
  • Towel
    • Let’s be honest we know there’s not going to be showers… but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to rain and i’m not going to get drenched. A towel is always handy.
  • Deodorant
    • It’s not something people like talking about is it? Female sweat. But we do, and we need to remember to use deodorant so that others don’t feel the need to avoid us.
  • Toilet Roll
    • We’ve all been there, desperately rushing across the field at 4 in the morning desperate for the toilet you get there, manage to find the least disgusting, get ready to alleviate the stress and you realise, there’s no loo roll. Growing up camping it’s been a simple life lesson. ALWAYS PACK LOO ROLL.

So there you have my essentials for Leo this year, I hope to keep you all up to date with my different shopping sprees between now and Leopallooza so you can see all my collection coming together.

What are you festival essentials? Is there anything you would recommend for my festival list? Have you got any brands or products I should consider for the items I’ve had on my list?

Thanks for reading

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