I have an unpopular opinion, I love it when it rains. The storm clouds. The warm jumpers and coats. The raindrops on flowers. Everything about rain I love. All year around we have the window open it serves 2 purposes, so that The Mr doesn’t get too hot at night and I get to hear the rain.

In the winter hearing the rain from inside the house is super relaxing but I’ll be honest, my favourite is summer rain. The kid of rain you can go out in just a t-shirt and shorts and splash in the puddles. The kind you hear as you’re relaxing in your tent at a festival or on holiday. The kind that feels soft and warm as it lands on your face. One of my favourite memories is from when I was younger and my sister and I were too hot and it started to rain so we ran outside and danced around like lunatics, I can remember my sister was about 13 and going through her hippy stage (her words not mine) and she had this pink skirt that flared as she twirled and threw water off in every direction.

I try to get outside and enjoy the fresh air just after the rain has been with my camera to get shots of the puddles and the raindrops, I always feel like the world is a little bit more magical just after the rain. Like the world has decided to start again. So I thought I’d share with you some of my ‘After the Rain’ photos. These were all taken not long after my birthday when I was first learning to use my camera around the land The Mr’s family owns with them and all the dogs!