So on Sunday I went on my very first spa day and it was the best day ever. I will admit straight up that it wasn’t up at a fancy spa where you’re called ma’am and the look down the nose at you because you’re not a regular (obviously like I said I’ve never been on a spa day before but other’s have told me stories). Sharing my day was my Mum, my long term family friend (T) The Mr’s sister (B) and The Mr’s Step-mum (E).

The lady who runs the business has set up a private spa in her back garden, I know it might not sound very relaxing but let me get into it. She’s got a super luxury summer house with a leather sofa and electric fireplace, a table and chairs, a kettle with tea coffee and sugar provided, mugs, teacups, a wine fridge, gowns, towels and slippers and to top it all off a huge hot tub with bluetooth speakers so you can connect your phone’s music and a remote to control it whilst you’re in the water. There’s also patio chairs, deck chairs and a sun lounger but being the typical Cornish weather we didn’t get much use out of those! 

Only Mum and T had been before and only T had used these facilities, the last time Mum went there she hadn’t even built the summer house, but all 5 of us have agreed that as often as we can we’re going back for another day.

On arrival we had 3 hot stone massages, one full body with face and neck massage, one exfoliating back massage and a manicure booked. As soon as we arrived Claire showed us where the loos, showers, and extra fridge for the milk and food we’d brought and told us which therapist would be doing who and in what order and let us know the rules with the hot tub and the summer house:

  • When using the hot tub only use the plastic glasses provided
  • Shower before using the hot tub and after any treatments that have used oils
  • If you run out of water, tea, coffee or sugar just ask her for more
  • If you have a wax or a self tan you can’t go back in the hot tub (Claire tries her best to time it so that it’s the last treatment of the day but sometimes that’s not possible).

The only thing Claire doesn’t provide is food and milk, which we all understood. Mum’s friend runs a sandwich van at lunchtime Monday to Friday and calls in on the way home with any last bits and pieces for Mum to buy and so she bought 4 sandwiches and 3 salads on the Friday and bought some strawberries from our neighbour, needless to say with the prosecco supplied by E and B and the cakes and crisps from T we had a feast, there was even plastic champagne flutes so that we could enjoy the prosecco in the hot tub, it was magical. 

As we were all going through our treatments I decided that after seeing T’s manicure I’d quite like to have one myself and Claire was really accommodating and was more than happy to fit it in. She told us we were welcome to stay as long as we wanted once the treatments were done and when we asked her how we wash up with no sink, she told us the point was not to have a sink so that we DIDN’T tidy up… needless to say Mum and E were so pleased at that when they were about to go into full mum mode and tidy up! 

At the end of thr day we all agreed that we’ll definitely be returning and as soon as possible, we’d been made to feel so comfortable and relaxed. Everyone’s been stressed recently, E with her smallholding, B helping E whilst also have 2 other jobs, T moving house and starting work and Mum with my Gran and Aunt ill. I just hope that Sunday was what they needed to relax and that they’ve jumped back into life a little more prepared. 

Overall I can’t wait for my next spa day, already planned for T’s 21st birthday! 

Have you ever been on a spa day? Who did you go with? What treatment did you have?