Okay, so in my last post 10 things to do before I’m 25 I wrote that I wanted to do something spontaneous, and that got me thinking… how do you become spontaneous?
My other half considers me an organised person, at least that I want to have a plan before I do anything. But surely you can’t be spontaneous without being organised?

To me being spontaneous is dropping whatever you’re doing and have planned to do for the amount of time the activity will take to go on an adventure. So surely that means that to be spontaneous you have to first have plans you can cancel?

I’ve been trying to keep our plans in order since moving into our house, with friends and family left right and centre wanting to come and see it and surely the idea that we now have plan will enable our spur-of-the-moment spontaneity to come out and we will be able to enjoy an adventure, even if it’s a short walk to explore our new village.

But am I over thinking the idea of spontaneity? Can making yourself feel like you have things to do around the house so that you have plans you can cancel to do spontaneous adventures mean that you actually never had any plans because you organised them to be broken? Or is it that because I have such menial plans as tidying the kitchen listed in my head, I can then go and be spotaneous unlike others who would (for want of a better term) spontaneously clean the kitchen and believe they have nothing planned?

Do the two ways of thinking add up to the same end? Does spontaneously choosing to do the dishes amount to the same end as planning to do the dishes to spontaneously do something else? To me no. If you choose to do the dishes randomly then you’re spontaneous by nature but I wouldn’t say that you could call washing up an adventure. I know that technically you’re being spontaneous but overall no. That’s not spontaneity.

Spontaneity is being in the house doing chores, reading your book or sitting at the laptop and going. No. I’m going to go and see the world. I’m going to explore what’s around me. I’m going to do something new. To me that’s what being spontaneous is about. It’s about doing something new, trying something new and to be honest, if you’d rather just sit inside all day and ignore the possibilities, I’m not sure that’s a very good quality at all. Being organised and keeping your house tidy may not be big plans… but they’re still plans that can be broken for something that could be magical.

Do you think spontaneity can be achieved if you haven’t got any plans? Or do you think that you can always be spontaneous even if you’ve got nothing to do?