Okay, so I’ve had quite a sheltered upbringing, living in North Cornwall you automatically have a slightly sheltered upbringing pile on top of that the fact that my dad won’t drive to most cities and the fact that I’ve never been on holiday abroad and you’ll soon figure out what I mean.

So I’ve decided that I would make a list of things I’d like to do before I’m 25 and hopefully I’ll be able to keep you all updated with how I progress.

  1. Holiday abroad
    • Now that’s simple enough right, at this point I’m not too bothered where I go, Rome’s probably in the number 1 spot at the moment but that’s only because the cost of getting to Orlando is crazy.
  2. See a concert
    • Okay so I’ve seen Evanescence live but that was seated when I was 17. I had the option of seeing Marina and the Diamonds but the travel was going to cost the earth and I’m not that much of a fan. So before I’m 25 I’d love to go and see one of my favourite bands in concert.
  3. Get a new car
    • So I’ve already had 2 cars in my short 4 years of being able to drive but my first car was a complete dud. It was in the garage more than it was out and in that respect it was the perfect first car. My current car is a sweet little thing nicknamed Nymeria but she’s really getting old now, the exhaust’s rattly (and has just been replaced), the chair covers are damaged and she’s got over 160K miles on the clock. I would love to have either a new hatchback or a cute little convertable but at the moment I’d be happy with one that didn’t feel like it was limping.
  4. Get Healthier
    • I was going to write lose weight but that’s only part of a whole goal, I want to lose weight, eat healthier and feel better in myself.
  5. Make new friends
    • Now this one’s hard for me to write about as it really does get me down. When I was in school I was always popular. Never part of the popular group but I had a large group of friends, and through a rough patch that I’m sure I’ll share at a later date. They all moved on and left me behind. Luckily my other half stayed and his mates are some of the nicest guys I’ve ever met but at the end of the day, I haven’t got my girl mates and I’d like to have some.
  6. Do something spontaneous
    • Since I went through my rough patch I’ve always preferred routine to spontaneity, but that’s not who I am and I miss just spur-of-the-moment fun, so I’d love to do something spontaneous, be it a split-decision exploration or an unplanned trip.
  7. Improve my embroidery
    • So it was a little over a year a go I gave embroidery a go for the first time and I think I’ve improved since then but I’d love to improve some more, especially in my designs.
  8. Become more itellectual
    • Now I wouldn’t say I’m stupid but I also feel like I’m not at the same intellectual level as some of my family and I feel foolish trying to join in the conversations so I want to have a bit more of an intellectual level playing field with me.
  9. Get better at make up
    • So growing up I was the biggest tomboy, I’d rather buy boys clothes and spend a day getting muddy rather than wear pretty dresses and learn how to do make up. Now I’m trying to be more of a girly girl and other than the basic mascara and eyeliner I can’t do make up to save my life and I’d love to be better at it.
  10. Meet an “idol”
    • I’ve put quotation marks around idol because I was going to write famous but each person’s identification with famous is different, I wouldn’t call the people from TOWIE or Goerdie Shore famous but there are those out there who would. So I’d love to meet someone whether they’re an author, a musician, an actor/actress or even a blogger or vlogger I admire.

So; there are the 10 things I want to do before I’m 25. Have you don any of them yourself? Is there anything here you want to do before a certain age? Do you have any tips for me to complete any of them?