So, on the first of January me and my other half moved into our first house. It’s definitely been a learning curve for the two of us, we knew we were lazy but not until we moved away from the parents did we realise quite how inherently lazy we both are. It’s been almost 4 weeks but I think, slowly but surely, we’re getting the hang of running a household now.

On the build up to moving house it was Christmas and New Year; the time for splurging and being as lazy as possible. It was great ’cause we had all these big plans “It’s okay if I eat all this cheese, it’ll be easier to diet in our own house.” “It’s okay if I don’t do any exercise today, dad’ll judge me if I go to the gym, I can use the gym when I move to my house.” “I don’t need to tidy up after myself, mum’s here to tidy, I won’t have to do that until I get into my house.” If only I’d not put it off, but put it off I did and now I realise my mistake! It’s not easier to diet in my own house… when there’s only me and the other half here we can eat what we want and not get judged. It’s not easier to go to the gym in my own house, dad won’t judge me for going, but no one will judge me for not. It’s not easier to tidy my own house, there’s no one here to nag me to pick it up.

So you see my issue? I need to get motivated!

My fitness level’s almost reached an all time low and that’s not doing much for my weight so yesterday (for the first time since moving into our house) got to use the local gym, I only did 30 mins on the exercise bike, but that’s still more than the day before. Today after a 10 hour shift I didn’t really have the energy to go over, but I’m hoping to start off with maybe an every other day trip (we’ll see how that goes after tomorrows 10 hour shift).

I’m trying to look at it positively, I’m not doing it to get thinner or to look prettier, they might be side effects but, overall, I’m doing it to be fitter and healthier. My family have diabetes and heart disease in them from fairly young ages so I want to be in my best shape to hold those off as long as possible.

I’ve also found myself at a loss for what to do, I’ll sit at my laptop and just do the infinite twitter and facebook scroll and it got tiresome. So I’ve restarted my embroidery and have just ordered a printer so I can get designing on photoshop.

I’ve also decided to get back into reading, I tried some books I haven’t read before and I just couldn’t get into them so I went back to old faithful, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. My copy was my sister’s before me, it’s gotten battered and bruised, has been on many a holiday with me and has split from the bindings at chapter ten but I love it and I’ve found myself picking that up rather than the TV remote and I feel like me again!

I’m also loving the outdoor part of my job, we’ve recently got some new deer and they’re so friendly you can feed them from your hands, and so I’ve jumped on every opportunity I’ve had to get out on the feed run and meet my new beautiful friends. If friendly deer aren’t the perfect way to get motivated and outdoors I don’t know what is.

I’ve also decided to re-start my #100happydays today and I’m feeling really positive looking forward, I hope I can really keep it up this time. If you feel lovely and spotted I haven’t updated that day PLEASE prompt me I want to keep it going!

Is there anything you do that helps you stay motivated? Do you have any hints and tips for me trying to find my feet in my new home?